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In 2002 the "Duisburger Filmwoche" presented for the 1st time an international documentary film project for children and adolescents: doxs! was born.


doxs!-kino is the only German film festival exclusively presenting documentaries for children and adolescents. The international film program is embedded in (part of) the "Duisburger Filmwoche" and focuses on another region every year. (2004 Netherlands, 2005 Eastern Europe, 2006 Denmark, 2007 children-DEFA-documentaries of the GDR, 2008 France).


In 2009 doxs! concentrates on Sweden, a country that traditionally stands for outstanding and inspiring cultural works in the range of children's film. This quality continues convincingly in the context of children- and adolescents-documentaries.


All the films are presented in school viewings, so classes come to the cinema and discuss the films they have just seen with film experts. The international films are dubbed and subtitled if necessary.

doxs! on tour

doxs! on tour is an international tour program, including some chosen festival films, to establish the culture of children- and adolescents-documentaries beyond the festival’s borders.


doxs! on tour films have already been presented in Berlin, Bochum, Bonn, Cologne, Dortmund, Essen, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Graz (within the "steirischer herbst"-festival), Lille, Lissabon, London, Reykjavik and Vienna.

doxs! schule

doxs! schule is a project in cooperation with schools in Duisburg and NRW. For doxs!-schule it is important to participate actively in media education, so even 6-year-old children are introduced how to handle documentary film and other media.

doxs! do it

In 2006 doxs! started another project. In cooperation with Secondary Schools, adolescents had the opportunity to make their own documentary. In the 1st film "5 in 8 noch 2" 5 students show their way to find a job. The teenagers got in touch with filmmakers and wrote their own script. doxs! do it combines the passive reflections of watching films with active parts of media education.

doxs! hörbilder

doxs! hörbilder is a project to create the teenagers’ awareness for acoustic issues (sound, atmosphere, voice) when visualizing a film. The children create a realistic and autobiographical radio play due to their wishes and in the context of their social environment.

doxs! sprechen+

Since 2007 doxs! participates in the training of children language skills, especially for children with a migration background to improve the verbal skills and the ability to read fluently. Documentary and film material also give the opportunity to get a deeper understanding for linguistic matters in film and TV.

doxs! kritik

In 2007 young film critics got for the 1st time the opportunity to review the festival program from their own point of view. In cooperation with the online film magazine, doxs! offered workshops where students could learn the fundamentals of film reviewing. In 2007 presented at least five DEFA-film reviews written by children.

doxs! young heroes

To celebrate the fifth anniversary in 2006, doxs! and the Goethe Institute Munich edited a DVD package including 26 current, international documentaries for children and adolescents. All the films are subtitled, so that they can be offered to all international Goethe Institues for educational purpose.

dok you

In cooperation with the "dokumentarfilminitiative dfi", doxs! has created a new project to establish the production of children documentaries in Germany. Directors can apply for this project to get a better qualification for producing children documentaries. Together with these filmmakers students get the opportunity to realize their own documentary films for kids.