doxs! documentary

Five years ago the Duisburger Filmwoche has included an international documentary film project for children and teenager in the festival programme. The response from the audience, the local press and the public has been overwhelmingly positive in regards to both the films and the forum provided for discussions during the festival, and the event has more than fulfilled the expectations of the organizers.
While researching films for the programme it became apparent that the German production market, in comparison with neighbouring countries such as The Netherlands or Scandinavia, is lagging behind. After investigation and discussions with funding institutions and broadcasting stations, the Duisburger Filmwoche resolved to create a forum to encourage the making of children’s documentaries which are innovative both in form and content.
The so-called KinderDokMarkt took place in Duisburg in November 2003, in cooperation with the dfi (dokumentarfilminitiative im Filmbüro NW) and was funded by the Filmstiftung NRW. This highly successful event proved that in the area of children’s documentary filmmaking innovations have to be made in many fields, such as research, film script development, support of young talents or even realization of films. The Duisburger Filmwoche intends to support and develop the above named areas as far as possible.

doxs! kino:

doxs! kino, the international film programme in the course of the Duisburger Filmwoche, is the core of all doxs! activities. It is the only festival in Germany exclusively presenting documentaries for children and teenager. doxs! kino sets a main focus on a specific region every year (the Netherlands in 2004, Eastern Europe in 2005 and Danmark in 2006) and has established a section with films from the Netherlands annually since 2004. The international films are shown within the scope of form presentations and dubbed if necessary. Afterwards there are extensive discussions with the students about the just seen movies.
Furthermore a selection of the films will be presented within a tour programme for cinema screenings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

doxs! schule:

In 2004 doxs! therefore started a longterm initiative by launching a major project with schools in the Duisburg area. doxs! schule for the first time established an exploration into documentary films and themes asking children to offer their views and input their ideas. In cooperation with Duisburg schools, discussions with children about documentary films were instigated. This was followed by working out specific themes, which are relevant for them and relate to their surroundings.
In 2005 doxs! schule started a major project in the course of two elementary schools’ afternoon support in Duisburg. One day a week doxs! provided a media education in terms of watching documentaries, reflecting the seen, explaining media techniques and doing topic-related handicrafts.
In the second half of 2006 the project was extended to even three elementary schools.
Besides doxs! also started a media project (doxs! do it) in of Duisburg’s secondary schools. The participants were to find a work placement interesting to them, apply for the job and hold it up for some days. In the course of the time as well as a few weeks afterwards they gathered in class once a week in order to exchange thoughts and experiences, this all being filmed. Here they also learned about the practice by assisting the filmmaker.
In the long run the aim is to bring about the collaboration between children and writers in developing scripts interesting to the receivers, children and teenager themselves.

doxs! on tour:

doxs! on tour diffuses the festival programme supra-regionally and thereby makes documentaries for children and teenager known to a wider public. In 2004 doxs! visited „Zoom“, the museum for children in Vienna, as well as the cinema „Arsenal“ in Berlin in order to present certain films of the festival programme. In 2005 doxs! was invited to „Melez“, an international culture festival in Bochum. Due to a substantial cooperation with the Goethe Institute in Lille doxs! was able to even gain ground in France. For the second time now doxs! is going to showcase a versatile documentary programme for children from 6 years onwards in Lille and Arras. This year doxs! is also going to visit Berlin, Munich and Bochum.

doxs! film package „young heroes“:

For its 5th jubilee doxs! and the Goethe Institute in Munich realise a DVD film package including 26 current documentaries for children and teenager out of 10 european countries. The Goethe Institute in Munich is going to subtitle those films so that subsequently they can be offered to all international Goethe Institutes for educational purposes. The corpus of 5 DVDs is going to be supplemented by a programme catalogue as well as additional information material of the films.

doxs! „Schnitt“ film magazine:

To the jubilee of doxs! the film magazine „Schnitt„ dedicates a main focus on the genre of documentaries for children and teenager. The issue provides a survey of the German documentary film for youngsters and also glances at neighbouring countries such as France and the Netherlands. An article on the DEFA tradition of that genre highlights the historic development.